No more Windows RT 8.1 Issues

Here comes the good news for Surface RT enthusiasts. Windows RT 8.1 is available to the users again. This update is a relief and an addition to the benefits from Microsoft. It provides Outlook 2013 and an assortment of numerous new features and improvements to Microsoft’s Modern-style operating system.

When Windows RT 8.1 was launched, a number of Surface RT owners faced problems. It was reported that the update caused user’s tablets to toss up a Boot Configuration error and the devices refused to start up, thereby stopped working. However the traditional PCs were not affected in a big way. Nevertheless, the systems faced a few hiccups but on a small scale.

Lately a pop up message on Microsoft’s Answers forum sent out relief to Surface RT users. The message announced the return of Windows RT 8.1 to the Windows Store.

Windows RT 8.1

A little about Windows 8.1:-

Microsoft’s Windows 8 is fully integrated with wonderful refinements, new interesting apps and innumerable surprising features. The software brings to you enhanced desktop experience. Find the tools under Navigation tab that will let you boot uninterrupted to desktop, reach start button, launch All Apps screen and much more. Bing Smart Search is the most impressive addition to OS. It creates integrated search results drawing info from websites, your files and apps. Pictures, documents, videos and biographical information – You get it all. Besides, dynamic ‘snap’ multitasking makes OS more user-friendly. Now on the larger, pixel-packed display, you can snap more than 3 apps simultaneously.  On the other side, the software allows you to run same app in different windows. Have better and more modern UI PC settings with comprehensive tutorials. The revamped Windows 8.1 Store brings forth new apps and presents them to you with personalized recommendations and more in-depth information.

Arrival of Windows Phone 8 Update 3 and the new Windows Phone Developer Preview

Very soon within months Windows Phone 8 Update 3 will hover to all the existing Windows phones. The new update will bring a host of new improvements and several new capabilities into your gadgets. With this, Windows Phone Developer Preview will be available for all Windows phone. This will allow the developers to receive the builds of Windows Phone Updates on your developer phones before they are released and made available for the customers.

The most prominent feature you will get after installing Windows Phone 8 Update 3 is a much bigger Starts screen for more Live Tiles. Apart from this, you will get new, Driving Mode which you can personalize as your preferences and also a lot of better accessibility options.

Within no time, you will have access to future Windows Phone Devices that will be facilitated with 5- and 6- touch screens. The new Windows Phone 8 Update 3 is especially suited for the incoming Phone Devices as the extra-large, 1080p HD display will make your Windows Phone more personal. Just imagine jumbo sized Start screens with space for six Live Tiles as compared to only four which you have at present.

Windows Phone 8 Update 3 is also designed to provide support for Qualcomm’s 8974 quad-core processor. The chip will deliver greater horsepower which will hone the performance of already-fluid operating system to betterment levels.


Windows Phone Preview for Developers
Windows Phone Preview for Developers provides the registered developers access to pre-release Windows Phone operating system updates. This is provided directly from Microsoft and availed for developer’s development phone. This preview program is created for developers so that they get time to test their apps and could validate that the apps run on the real phone exactly the way they configured. This validation is done before the updates are generally made available to the users.

To download the apps and to gain access to Windows Phone updates, you must be a registered developer or else you should running a “developer unlocked” phone.

If you register as a developer, you can register it as a Windows Phone Developer or as a developer with App Studio.

In order to gain the tools to “developer unlock” the phone, download the developer tools to register and unlock your phone.

Nonetheless, there are few things to keep in mind:-

• A preview update includes only the Microsoft portion of the update. You can avail mobile operator, OEM driver updates only when the official update for your phone is available, not before than that.

• You cannot revert or opt for prior operating system after once you have updated your phone to preview update.

• Once you install a preview update, you may null any warranty from your mobile operator and OEM.

Windows 8 wins race from Vista: Gaining 5.1 % market value

Finally, the expectations from Windows 8 have reached a better position in terms of the Desktop OS used by the people. It has now become the third largest used Operating System of Desktops, by ending the race and positioned at one step ahead of Windows Vista!

Windows 8 market share percentage

Net Applications have reported the news: Window 8 of Microsoft gaining around 5.1 % of the market shares, while, on the other side, Windows Vista has remained to the scale of 4.62 %. According to the market calculations of the usability of all the OS in market, around 81 % share comes from the Windows 7 and Windows XP.

So, it seems that these OS are really liked by the demanding guys of this Internet world. Most probably, you also be one of them, so no doubt or surprise about this happening. And in all these, advents of technology, Windows 8 is going through a race with MAC OS, and is just some points behind its combined effect of 6.63 percent of its overall market share.

Windows 8

I just want to try it at least once as I never wanted to live with a hard feeling that I had never tried a thing that belongs to Windows… Just for my satisfaction! And might be at some point of time, Windows will be grabbing most of the market shares. This is one of my predictions seeing that in May, there are 4.27% shares of Windows 8, recently getting a lot of jump.

One of the fact that is reality is the undisputed Microsoft coverage of first position in the market with 44.37% of Windows 7 shares and 37.17% of Windows XP, making a total of more than 91% of the overall shares. JUST AMAZING! Mac OS on 2nd position having 7.2% and 3rd position being acquired by Linux with 1.28% of shares.

With all the technological advancements, Microsoft has gained the right to complete and say that they have 100,000 applications in the Windows-store (as tweeted by it). CONGRATS!

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‘New Lab Envisions’ coming as the Future of Work and Play

Envisioning Center of Microsoft has been re-imagined as one of the centers of combination of both the working and playing happenings as according to the news that is going to revolutionized our nearer future in terms of the service provision to the customers.

New Lab Envisions

As said on 1st March, 2013, this is one of the biggest development in the direction of the service providing along with the entertainment for the businesses that has been made alive with the workings of Microsoft that is unbeaten by any of the newest type of promotion about the products to the customers. The main idea has become the reality with the collaboration of the Office laboratory with the Microsoft’s Strategic Prototyping team.

Just imagine learning about the products by being entertained by the digitalized walls that talks with you along with the usage of a Kinect enabled kitchen and at last with the interacting desks. Full of the excitement for the users and what can be more better way than this as an interacting medium.

Microdoft New Lab Envisions

Business and pleasuring activities have been united with this advancement and happenings can be made much nicer as the labs will be used by the engineering teams of Microsoft as a way of making newer tool and techniques with all and all newer ideas.

The greatest advantage of this strategy is the exploration of the newer space by both the workers and the visitors for the development of the newer and unique ideas and this real achievement that has been made a reality with the help of constant thinking processes about the newer scenarios.

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Availability of Windows Surface Pro in Online Shop

Windows Pro has come in the market, shown the potential and has been sold out at an unprecedented rate that is amazing and you will get more surprised by the fact that you can have the online ordering of the Surface Pro of 128 GB and will get your Pro at your home…

Windows Surface Pro

The hidden part is that the delivery of the Microsoft Pro will be provided with the shipment time of around 2 to 3 weeks and the latest technique will be in your hand for using your latest version that can now also be called as sold out version!!!

The blog-post for the Microsoft has revealed us the actual reservation news about Surface Pro and has let us all to know that Intel based PC or tablet hybrid Surface Pro devices have been reserved for the buying by the customers.

The main shops that are needed to be named for providing you with some of the availability information includes some of the bigger names including Best Buy in the U.S. along with the recorded out data for the sales in stores. And there is a lot of probability of the reservations for the product to be sold out.

Surface Pro

The second shop is that of At Staples, which is also located within US, where you can place your order or the kiosk after which you just have to wait for your turn for the delivery of Surface Pro order of 64 GB of information.Last case is that of Canada, and that can be shown to be Best Buy and Future Shop that can be made to be selected for the role of inventory lasts. This shop is making the order of 128 GB of Surface Pro to be present online but the news is something like the thing that cannot be fully trusted with the same case.

One of the main suggestion that is being coming from the side of Microsoft is that the individuals should go for the purchasing of Surface Pro by only first conforming it over the phone as compared to the taking the charge of going again and again. This will be helpful in saving a lot of your precious time.

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