Myxer is the best Windows application to download or create customized ringtones for your Windows smart-phone. The user can install the application on its Windows device to download the exiting ringtones present on the catalog of the application. The application that has proved it to be a leader of mobile entertainment is available for free on Windows application market. So get the application to search the ringtones you are looking for or select from “Pick of the Day”.

Features of the application:

  • The application has been pre-loaded with a large variety of ringtones categorized under sections like comedy, music, fun etc.
  • The application has a very large Myxer catalog where user can search for the type of ringtone it is looking.
  • The application gives a ringtone as “Pick of the Day” that can be seen on the live tile of the application present on the home-screen of your Windows smart-phone.
  • The application also has some premium ringtones that can be purchased from, the official site of the application.
  • The application has a beautiful user interface where user can easily search, select and set the ringtone on Windows smart-phone.
  • The application lets the user create customized ringtones with music present on your Windows device.
  • The preview of ringtones at a louder volume is available for users to hear the ringtone before downloading it.

This is a free application for users to download and enjoy some new and interesting ringtones on its smart-phone by using its beautiful interface, also create your own customized ringtones too for much more fun.

DOWNLOAD the application for free from Windows application market to enjoy downloading of new ringtones on your Windows smart-phone for free.


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